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Turning your idea into your book.

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Do you want to be an author?

Tay Books Self-Publishing has a range of services to help you develop your concept from the initial idea through to a finished, professional book which will be available to buy online or through bookstores worldwide.

Why self-publish?

Many traditional publishers are reluctant to take a risk on a new author and play it safe both with their choice of authors and of subject material. Authors are often excluded from decisions regarding the cover and the look of the book's interior. Publishers often also build in some or all ownership of rights to their contracts.

Self-publishing gives you control over your book and puts decisions over how it looks and how it is marketed into your hands. It also allows you to retain full ownership and copyright over your book.

Does self-publishing work? It worked for Andy Weir, whose acclaimed novel The Martian was originally self-published and which in 2015 became one of the biggest movie hits of the year. Not every book is going to be that kind of success but your book will be available and produced to a professional standard.

What do we offer?

Editing services

Cover Design

Marketing and promotion

How much does it cost?

If you wish to discuss any of our self-publishing our services please contact us at [email protected] or on 01382 505865.

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