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You've written your book so why does it need editing? Your word processing software checks spelling and basic grammar so why do you need an editor?

The English language is far too complex and subtle for any software to fully find every nuance and vagary. Computers also don't read the story. They can't offer guidance on story, on pacing, on style or on character development. A computer can't tell you if it is engaged by the characters or swept along by the story.

An editor scours the text to ensure that when your book hits the shelves there are no mistakes to be found and, where necessary, editors will fact check your work as well.

Our editors work with the author, ensuring that your book tells the story you want to tell in the way you want to tell it. They will help you add the polish and professionalism that will make your book a project of which you can be truly proud.

Tay Books’ editorial staff are experienced editors and authors, each with more than ten years' experience in publishing. We have worked in many fiction genres aimed at every age group, and are also experienced in non-fiction and picture-books. Our editors and authors have written for or edited properties like James Bond, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Blake's 7, Wallace & Gromit, the Dandy and the Beano. Whatever your idea may be, we have the expertise and experience to make your book shine.

If you wish to discuss our editing services contact us at [email protected] or on 01382 505865.

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